Supper Clubs: Taste new flavors & meet new people

The Supper Clubs are intended to be a unique - not only- culinary experience, where you get the chance to meet new people in a nice and relaxed setting - just as if you have dinner at your friends house, only better.

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FR 13.10.2023 19:00

FR 03.11.2023


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Mexican Nights

In the first series of dinners we travel with you to Daniela's roots: enjoy our most favorite and authentic mexican home cooked food without leaving Vienna!

Here's what you can expect:

  • Tentempié: this is the mexican version of the aperitivo. We'll start the evening with refreshing Micheladas and some light bites to get the conversation flowing.
  • Three following courses: We'll serve three delicious courses of authentic Mexican cuisine. You'll get to experience the true taste of Mexico.
  • Meet new people: Our supper club is not just about the food, it's also about meeting new people. You'll have the opportunity to connect naturally in the way we love the most: over good food.

The Supper Club Price is donation based. We suggest sth in the range between 40 & 60 Euros (exkl. Drinks) p. Person